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Department of optical and electronic methods of research

The Head - Valery G. Krivenko
+7 (4967) 31-8963

Photos of the laboratory

The department was established in 1970. The department developes methods and instrumentation for

  • Studies of the mechanisms of cell metabolism by luminescence methods;
  • Spectral analysis of biochemical reactions in UV, visible and IR spectral regions;
  • Monitoring separation of various compounds in liquid chromatography, gel-electrophoresis, blotting and so on;
  • Monitoring immune-enzyme assay growth of microbial cultures in standard plates by photometric methods;
  • Automatic image analysis of microobjects and microstructures.
  • The department developed more than 20 types of instruments and many of them were serially manufactured for scientific labs of Russian Academy of Sciences and medical diagnostic labs. Some of the instruments were awarded by medals of various exhibitions: scanning microscope CM-1 (bronze medal of All-Union Exhibition of National Economy Progress), microspectrofluorimeter MSF-2 (gold medal of the Leipzig Fair).

Serially manufactured instruments

  • Spectral lab illuminator LOS-2;
  • Monochromator MZD-2;
  • Photometric detector for liquid chromatography PUM-2;
  • Microspectrofluorimeters MSF-2;
  • Spectrofluorimeter for light-scattering samples SFR-1;


Graduate students invitation

Protein Research Group of the Laboratory of New Methods for Biology of the IBI RAS invites graduate students (master’s degree) to join postgraduate course in molecular biophysics.

A conference of young scientists

A conference of young scientists and students "Biomedical engineering – 2010" will take place in IBI RAS in November 2010.