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Laboratory of automation of scientific research

Photos of the laboratory

The lab develops instrumentation for automation of scientific research in various fields of biophysics and physico-chemical biology.

The lab develops software for instruments and information systems.

Some instrumetation developed in the lab

  • A DNA amplificator;
  • Equipment for pulsed electrophoresis;
  • Power supplies;
  • A broad-band amplifier;
  • A system for analysis of haemodynamics;
  • Microobjects analysers;
  • A system for electrophysiological studies of neurons.


Graduate students invitation

Protein Research Group of the Laboratory of New Methods for Biology of the IBI RAS invites graduate students (master’s degree) to join postgraduate course in molecular biophysics.

A conference of young scientists

A conference of young scientists and students "Biomedical engineering – 2010" will take place in IBI RAS in November 2010.