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Technologies and equipment for integrated processing of grain raw material.

Currently our lab developes technologies of drastic processing of grain raw material (wheat, barley, oats). The main feature of these technologies is their applicability in in farming and small busines.

Common methods of drastic processing of cereals usually use only a part of the principal nutrients, water swelling (for example, gluten in wheat) and water insoluble ones. At the same time, the most valuable part of the product, water soluble component, currently is not used and often is considered as a waste product. At present, the enzyme catalysis technologis of transfer of water insoluble and water swelling compounds into a soluble form without the use of mineral acids and alkali are becoming very actual. Our lab developes such technologies.

The use of these technologies results in creation of products useful for development of concentrated protein and carbohydrate compositions (mixtures) composed of cerials (wheat, barley, oats), which could be the base of natural substitutes of milk products, baby food, mixtures for functional and sport nourishment.

The food concentrates of protein and carbohydrate parts of cerial flour have a balanced ratio of protein and carbohydrate parts and decreased calorie content due to decreased content of the carbohydrate part.

Approximate ratio of proteins and carbohydrates in the concentrates is 1:2 to 1:5 (depending on the type of raw materials). The concentates conserve water soluble component of nutrients.



Graduate students invitation

Protein Research Group of the Laboratory of New Methods for Biology of the IBI RAS invites graduate students (master’s degree) to join postgraduate course in molecular biophysics.

A conference of young scientists

A conference of young scientists and students "Biomedical engineering – 2010" will take place in IBI RAS in November 2010.