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Laboratory of methods and instrumentation for thermophysical studies

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Line of activity

The lab develops methods and instrumentation for measurements of thermodynamic parameters (heat capacity, density, viscosity) of various substances in a wide temperature range. Such instrumentation can also measure energies and temperatures of various structural changes (melting, crystallization and so on) in various substances; energetic parameters of chemical reactions in solutions, energy of cell metabolism.

The lab developed differential scanning microcalorimeters DASM and DSM series, viscosimeter AV-1, densimeter AD-1, flow calorimeter DPMK, isothermal calorimeter Biotest and others. Since these instruments are intended for fundamental science, they possessed extremal characteristics in sensitivity and precision.

The lab developed also methods and instrumentation for solving various applied problems. For example, our instruments can be used for testing purity of drugs, prediction of life duration of cables, quality control of food in food industry, measurement of metabolic activity in microbiological samples and so on.



Graduate students invitation

Protein Research Group of the Laboratory of New Methods for Biology of the IBI RAS invites graduate students (master’s degree) to join postgraduate course in molecular biophysics.

A conference of young scientists

A conference of young scientists and students "Biomedical engineering – 2010" will take place in IBI RAS in November 2010.